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  • Inhouse-Umzugsservice von Friedrich Friedrich Darmstadt

    Moving staff can assist on a hourly or daily basis at your site

In-House Removal Service

Cost-efficient on-site removals services at your premises

In-house service cleaningMany services are not needed on a permanent basis. Therefore, in most of the cases it isn’t economically viable to appoint fulltime or part-time employees, as this leads to high personnel, vehicle fleet and storage costs. Frequently there are work peaks which overstrain the own personnel, both with regard to the expertise required, as well as the time. It is in cases like these that our in-house services can be of interest for you:

Range of in-house service:

  • In-house realisation of workplaces
  • Rearranging / tidying up work
  • Assembly service
  • Repairs / remedying of damage
  • Disposal of legacy devices, packaging
  • Archiving / warehousing
  • Facility manager services
  • IT service (removing of cables, packaging, cabling, testing)
  • In-house removal serviceInner-company transports
  • Courier transport services
  • Etc., etc. etc. ....

Your benefits provided by our in-house service:

  • Concentration on your actual core business
  • Optimal utilisation rate of your capacities / resources
  • Seasonal peaks are covered by us
  • External removal and furnishing management
  • Reduction of your fixed costs – you only pay us what you actually use

Renowned companies already utilise our in-house removal services. Please feel free to tell us about your requirements!

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