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  • Projectmanagement for company removals

    Analysing, planning, controlling - holistic project management for removals

Project Management

Comprehensive planning and steering for your company removal

Project management for company removalsA removal is an exceptionally complex project and leads to major upheaval for every company. To ensure that your removal project is successfully completed, competent and comprehensive planning is necessary. In the Rhine-Main area and nationwide, we assume responsibility for the complete project management, elaborate the removal control system and the removal manual, in addition to coordinating all measures and services that form a part of this. We either work as the responsible organiser or as a consultant for individual segments.

► 1st phase - project analysis

  • Execution of a kick-off  meeting
  • Elaboration of the project structure plan
  • Definition of the fields of activity/allocation of the responsibilities/determination of the deadline dates
  • Capture of the interfaces
  • Creation of the framework time schedule and of the project manual
  • Elaboration of the employee information system
  • Nomination of the removal officersProject plan removal

► 2nd phase - project planning

  • Establishment of the removal database
  • Inventory recording and data entry into the corresponding database
  • Zoning planning and concrete (with names) scheduling/interior planning
  • Positioning plan object removal
  • Execution and recording of regular jour-fixe meetings
  • Forward projection of the general schedule
  • Interface coordination and deadline monitoring /detailed coordination with all involved groups from differing disciplines
  • Rough time planning of the removal phases/coordination with the client / detailed time planning
  • Creation of the removal manual and workshops for removal officers and employees

► 3rd phase - project steering

  • Setting up and staffing of a removal control centre
  • Coordination of all groups belonging to different disciplines
  • Permanent monitoring of all removal activities
  • Timely correctional measures in the event of plan deviations
  • Acceptance and recording of the performances provided (every working day)
  • Execution of a final meeting
  • Creation of  “removal documentation”

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