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Systematically Executed Library Removal

From A-Z, all your documents remain in the right order

Systematic organisation with rolling book trolleys

From the planning to the execution and interim storage, right up to the reopening, we cover the entire performance portfolio that is required for the removal of complete libraries or archives. A library removal or the relocation of company archives requires stringent compliance with the chronological order, to ensure that books retain their sensitive order. We only deploy professional book trolleys that are numbered and filled from top left to bottom right. Also with the transportation, the numerical loading of the trucks is ensured in a fixed order, as this retains the chronological order. The unpacking of the books and files is aligned to the packaging so that, ultimately, every book and every file can be analogously found at the same location as prior to the removal. What is more, we also have the interlocking of stocks received from different locations under control.

Library removals - our offer

  • Intensive and exhaustive consultation concerning your library or archive removal, prior to the project start
  • Time scheduling
  • Interim storage
  • Complete or partial removals (national and international)
  • Surface / space planning, shelf filling planning
  • Asset tagging, documentation, tracking and tracing
  • Special transport packaging varieties for minimisation of damage
  • Cleaning of the files and shelves
  • Short removal duration due to the deployment of rolling book and file trolleys
  • Access possibility to files and books during the removal
  • Dis-/reassembly of all conventional shelving systems
  • The deployment of employees who are trained in the handling of sensitive inventory (books / files)

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