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Warehouse of Friedrich Friedrich

You need space and would like to store furniture or other items?

Friedrich Friedrich offers its customers a number of different, flexible warehousing options for private and commercial assets. Our self-storage area offers you, e.g. uncomplicated, short-term and secure warehouse space, regardless of how long or briefly you may require it. With a private or employee move, domestically or abroad, container storage could be beneficial, depending on the quantities. Every one of our warehousing solutions for your objects has specific properties and corresponding benefits. Together, we can find out which warehousing solution would be the best for you, in cooperation with you. We also have the ideal prerequisites with regard to the outsourcing of entire company archives – a tried and tested, as well as flexible, system allows us to react quickly to special requirements.

Self-Storage Anlage für Darmstadt, Frankfurt, Mainz, Wiesbaden und das Rhein-Main-GebietContainerstorage in Darmstadt, Frankfurt, Wiesbaden, Rhine-MainConventional storage in Griesheim (bei Darmstadt)







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